Abolition. But have you ever thought about the impact in Yorkshire?


Transatlantic Abolition

Are you interested in the Abolitionist movement? Have you ever thought about the movement and its impact in Leeds and the wider Yorkshire area? Then please come and visit the ‘Transatlantic Abolition: 19th century Yorkshire’ project exhibition at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds University from 1st – 29th October 2011.

Just one of Rachel's beautiful illustrations. Edward Baines (1800-1890), the editor of the Leeds Mercury. His newspaper supported abolition and frequently published speeches made at abolitionist gatherings!

This exhibition is the culmination of a TON of hard work and effort by Yosra Awad, a fellow UGRS scholar from Leeds who is also in the process of creating a film, a website and another workshop exploring Abolition in the Yorkshire area.

Alongside Rachel Finegan (truly amazing illustrator) and Max Hadley (fantastic graphic designer) – both BA illustration students at University College Falmouth – the project aims to teach everyone about Leeds’ role in the abolition movement, pointing out famous and recognisable land marks that are associated with it and even more importantly bringing the fascinating history of the whole movement to the public!

One of Max's amazing graphics. You may be surprised to know that Aldo shoe shop on 14 Commercial Street (which Max has just illustrated) was once a pharmacy owned by Thomas Harvey, a local abolitionist. His initials are on the weather vane.

I hope that you can make it to the exhibition and if you would like more information about the Abolition project please ‘like’ Yosra on Facebook at:http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Leeds-University-Transatlantic-Abolition-Project/202517606467357?sk=wall, or follow her on Twitter at:http://twitter.com/#!/Yorks_Abolition

The project has been funded by the Annual Alumni Fund who are also funding the UGRS scheme. For more information about UGRS please visit:http://arts.leeds.ac.uk/ugresearch/ugrs/



4 thoughts on “Abolition. But have you ever thought about the impact in Yorkshire?

  1. Hi Gemma! Thank you so much for your kind and wonderful blog post – I can indeed testify that the project was a lot of hard work but I have enjoyed everything about it. I hope lots of people will come along to the exhibition and follow the project on Facebook and Twitter!

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