Redcoats at the NAM


Just a quick post to tell you about the NAM!

A couple of weeks ago I visited the National Army Museum in London which holds one of the most fabulous Redcoat exhibitions I have ever seen. The Frock coats that are on display allow you to gain a little glimpse into the lives of the men in the upper echelons of the army, whilst the statues and models of soldiers on the battlefield depict just how dangerous and dirty life would have actually been!

There is a working model of the fields of Waterloo – and whilst a video plays in the background, seperate sections of the model are lit to show you when and where the different regiments in the army would have been fighting. Very informative and well produced; enough facts and figures to let you understand what went on without you being too overwhelmed.

The exhibition is definately worth a visit and a brilliant summary of the life of a Redcoat. You can even try a Redcoat jacket on (although it was a tad too small for me)!

For a taster of the collection visit!


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