Undergraduate Research Experience 2012


March has been an exhilarating and inspiring month. Spring has not only sprung, but the world of research came to life at the University of Leeds’ UGRE 2012 extravaganza! A showcase of the research, artwork and exploration that makes the Faculty of Arts the success it is. A celebration of the hard work of so many of our undergrads, and a fresh take on the Student Conference.

UGRE was a long time in the planning, with ideas flying from pillar to post, a theme of green and a lot of cake it seems! But it all came together in the Riley Smith Hall, when a networking breakfast (complete with croissants) turned into a Careers research panel, a host of presentations from a cross-section of subjects, and an epic University Challenge in which Modern Languages emerged victorious!

UGRE timetable

Anyone and everyone was welcome to drop in on the day, take a look at the artwork which surrounded the hall and talk to a host of presenters, mentors, tutors and scholars who could provide as much advice as possible. The audience were extremely encouraging and enthusiastic, and it was so refreshing to see a whole range of people from across the board taking up the opportunity to showcase the best of their work.

It made me so proud to present and be a part of such a wonderful day. Even more so to be an undergrad in the University of Leeds’ Faculty of Arts!

For an overview of the day visit: http://arts.leeds.ac.uk/ugresearch/ugre/ugre2012/ where you can see the timetable, videos from the UGRE team and a series of blog posts about the run-up to the event.

Accounts of the event even made it into the papers! There are wonderful write ups at http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/the-northerner/2012/mar/23/leeds-university-students-research-funding-grants and also http://theculturevulture.co.uk/blog/reviews/leeds-students-celebrating-their-work/

These articles just go to show how valued undergrad research is and what a success UGRE 2012 was. And hopefully how much it will continue to grow, and encourage many more to take pride in their research and work!

All I can say is I can’t wait to see UGRE when it arrives in 2013. I hope to see a ton of new presentations from a new host of undergrads. We should all be so proud of our work, and UGRE was the perfect opportunity to strut our stuff!


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