British soldier found at Waterloo site!


Just what happened to the bodies of those who died at the Battle of Waterloo?


Well, many men never returned home, their bodies lost amongst the mud and dirt of the Waterloo battlefield site. They were missing in action, lost, and usually never recovered. It defies belief to imagine how many men lost their lives that day, and no matter which side they were fighting for, these men had families, children, wives; lives back home to which they couldn’t return.

To find a skeleton would be to start to put the missing pieces back together. And that is exactly what has happened only a few days ago on the site of the Battle of Waterloo. As the bulldozers moved in to dig up the new car site proposed to sit near the Lion Mound, a perfect, intact skeleton was uncovered. Even more intriguing, the musket ball that killed can still be seen, lodged in the skeleton’s ribs!

It is believed that the soldier fought for the Duke of Wellington, but until his body is examined further it will be hard to tell exactly where he came from. Nearby the skeleton lie some of his personal belongings – a spoon now rusted but still preserved in the mud, a few coins, and a piece of wood inscribed with the initials C.B. It may be the case that this was the butt of his musket, a little clue as to the identification of this hero.

The archaeologists hope to unearth more clues as they search for his other possessions – they hope to find some form of identification that will tell us who this man was, or at least which regiment he fought alongside.

This is a truly fascinating story! And I hope that they do discover who he was, so at least one more man may be laid to rest in peace with his story uncovered.

If you would like to read more about this discovery, take a look at or


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