Skipton Armed Forces Day 2012


Yesterday was Father’s Day. And I must say Happy Father’s Day to Dad! Hope you enjoyed it even if the laminator did break… 😉

But other than Father’s Day, it was also the village of Skipton’s Armed Forces Day.

“The Armed Forces Day is an opportunity for the nation to show its support for our Service men and women, whether veteran or still serving. It is a time celebrate the work that they do or have done in support of our country.”

This was a fantastic day which consisted of military music, military bands, rock climbing walls, army demonstrations and activities up and down the high street, all supporting and paying tribute to our service women and men, and of course the Royal British Legion.

The highlight of the day for us however, (Jay and I are Napoleonic and infantry buffs!) was the musket display, presented by the Sealed Knot re-enactment group. We were treated to a volley – muskets loaded with paper rather than musket balls, much to our amusement – and a close up view of how to load the weapon. An absolutely brilliant display which spurred our love for re-enactment, and made us ten times more excited for this year’s Festival of History at Kelmarsh!

Jay took a video of the demonstration:

Skipton Armed Forces Day 2012 will be one to remember. We hope to be there next year!


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