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This a little post (maybe slightly nabbed!) from the Waterloo200 webpage. BUT I just had to re-blog it, to let you all know about the wonderful work that the Waterloo200 Education Committee is doing – made up of a group of dedicated members, the group aims to “promote and co-ordinate the educational aspects of the Napoleonic Wars, and thus enhance the bicentennial commemorations of the Peninsular War”. Targeting members of the community of all ages, and in particular school groups (who would so benefit from a little history of the wars to introduce them to the world of Modern Europe), the Committee works extremely hard to provide the resources that the public needs to get themselves involved with the forthcoming anniversary!

And so onward to the Committee’s recent activities. You may even spot a little picture of me somewhere!

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Education Committee members in action

Education is the major thrust of what Waterloo200 is trying to achieve, and the last month or two has seen members of the Education Committee in action at several venues around the country. Waterloo200 was represented at the Historical Association’s conference in Reading and at the annual Schools’ History Project conference in Leeds.

The Historical Association conference in Reading was a chance to meet other groups with an interest in education. The major educational publishers were there, as well as bodies such as English Heritage and the examination boards. Members of the Waterloo200 education committee gave a presentation to teachers and there was considerable interest in the idea that the Battle of Waterloo is still sufficiently significant to warrant inclusion in the school curriculum.


The Schools History Project conference at Leeds was a really busy two days. Representatives of Waterloo200 had their own stand and the event was well attended by teachers, both from the Primary and Secondary sector. Once again we found a growing interest in the idea of the Battle of Waterloo as a legitimate topic to be included in the school curriculum.


There was considerable interest from teachers, publishers, examining bodies and Ofsted in the concept of Waterloo and the Napoleonic era as an important event in schools. Here we see a visitor to our stand engrossed in the finer points of surgery in the Napoleonic era.


There does appear to be a general acceptance that the Battle of Waterloo should be taught in schools, so the only issue remaining is how are we to make it happen? If you are a teacher reading this, or a pupil, or maybe a parent, and you think that the Battle of Waterloo should be a feature in the school curriculum then please contact us at: Waterloo200/contact, telling us what you would like to happen, and any way in which you might help to bring it about.


Please do get in touch with us and let us know what you would like to see from Waterloo200. We would love your help and look forward to hearing from you!


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