We will get to Kelmarsh next year!


Kelmarsh in the rain, 2011

We were all geared up for what promised to be a fantastic weekend at English Heritage’s Festival of History 2012. Setting off at 6am from Leeds, we were set for Kelmarsh with walking boots and wellies in the boot of the car, and many spare clothes to keep us warm and dry.

Unfortunately we learnt half way down that the Festival was to be cancelled due to a tremendous amount of rain that had fallen over night. A total shame that we couldn’t see our favourite Redcoats and Romans, but I would like to say a HUGE thanks to the team at EH/FOH for keeping us well informed, updated on events and for handling so well the questions of all who wanted to attend. You guys were amazing and I hope that next year fares better for all of us.

But the show must go on! And I promised to post a blog all about the re-enactors and the events we saw whilst down there. And I am! (Just with a lot of photos from last year’s event instead).

Here it is then. Kelmarsh 2011, one of the best days out, ever!

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If you would like to see videos from the day you can visit: http://lutube.leeds.ac.uk/hy10gmb

We will be back next year!!!


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