Your Paintings


I have just been made aware of an exciting new website called ‘Your Paintings’. This is a BBC-Public Catalogue Foundation Partnership project that aims to put the UK’s entire collection of over 200,000 oil paintings online! Please visit for more information about the project, and to get involved yourself!

There are so many amazing paintings to view on the website, and if you could take a minute or two to help tag the items you can identify in the artworks (anything from a tree to a river), your help would be much appreciated!

Of course, for all us Napoleonic fans out there, many of these paintings relate to the Napoleonic Wars, and in particular the Battle of Waterloo. For just a quick glance at some of these amazing prints, take a look at

You can also take a look at the collections held by Apsley House…a must for anyone who can’t make it to London in person!

What an amazing project and one that will allow us all to become immersed in the artwork which we so often see but rarely have the chance to admire.




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