Napoleonic Maps


It’s always nice to have a good map to hand when trying to research the intricate details of battles and troop movements. To know about the topography and geography of the area you are studying, to know where the hills and dips are, and to know where forests and lakes are; all of these details help you to understand what problems a commander might have faced when deciding where exactly his troops should be placed, and therefore help us to understand why battles were lost or won!

Battle of Waterloo Map

So I decided to go on a hunt for maps. Maps of the battlefields and areas of campaign that would help me to understand what the battle would actually have looked like on the day. I came across two websites which both provide fantastic battle maps:

Firstly, provides interactive maps which show the movement of troops and changing positions of opposing armies. You can choose which time of day you want to view, and by using Google maps as its main source, you can also zoom in and zoom out of the map as much as you want. With the maps also comes a fantastic description of the battle you are viewing. This is a great website for those who, like me, like to study change and movement.

Secondly, Napoleon Series also provides a Map Archive of outstanding quality. Take a look at and you will find maps for almost every campaign from 1799 through to 1815. These maps are not interactive, and mainly show the topography, land and geography of the area. On a couple of maps you may find pencil details of army positions. Some maps are in colour and some in black and white, but either way, these maps provide the details of the land which are so essential to understanding the decisions a commander faced.

Both websites are worth a look, and I hope you find these maps as useful as I have!



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