Waterloo battle site – Work begins!

Thanks to Isabelle Grosjean ZA (Wikipedia) for the image

Waterloo Lion Mound

John Greene has written to say that work has now begun on the development of the Waterloo battle site. Costing 40 million Euro, this work includes:
“a huge new (6000 sq m) Battle Center Expo UNDERGROUND on the far side of the Mound, with parking UNDERGROUND beyond it, beside the Nivelles Rd. The tons of earth extracted will create a protective wall for the Hougoumont site and the Bivouac restaurant buildings will (partly) remain and be developed into an enormous eating + meeting place. They’re counting on 500,000 visitors a year from 2012 onwards! The road from the N5 will be closed (pedestrianized) with all vehicle entries from the other (Nivelles Rd) side. There’s a plan to make a “Napoleon Route” of 1815 from Beaumont (where he entered Belgium) to Waterloo.”

Very exciting news! Please follow Waterloo200 on twitter or facebook for more updates and information:

@Waterloo200org and http://www.facebook.com/groups/waterloo200/


2 thoughts on “Waterloo battle site – Work begins!

  1. HI Gemma,

    This is great news and very welcome indeed; a pity it dosn’t include restoration of the battlesite but I suppose thats difficult, it would involve redisribution of the soil that created the groundon which the present monument stands, but onetheless excellent.

    I thought you might like my utterly naive painting on another period of histoy, the partion of India 1947 http://fatpigfatcow.com/2013/01/08/partition/

    Keep up the good work.


    • Hi Adrian,

      Yes, very much looking forward to visiting the site once it’s complete. Particularly the underground exhibitions – I hope they use genuine artefacts from the battlefield! I agree, it would be nice to see the battlefield as it was, however I wonder if they would find more skeletons/artefacts if they were to dig down into the soil? Surely not everything and everyone was recovered from the site? That would be extremely interesting!

      I must admit I don’t know a lot about the partition of India (I hope to learn more in my modules this year at uni), but your painting itself is fantastic. Very emotive – do you use digital processes for these works of art, or paint, or both? I think it’s a great piece and one I’m definitely keeping!

      Not at all, I shall leave the link there for all to see. Please, if you have anything else to share just post away. It’s nice to learn about other periods of history and art that I’m not particularly familiar with.

      Lovely to chat,


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