Quatre Bras farm to be destroyed

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Quatre Bras farm as it now stands

Sad news today concerning the future of Quatre Bras farm. It has been announced by Les Monuments de L’Empire that the farm is to be destroyed after many years of campaigning by the group to have the farm restored. 

Quatre Bras is renowned for the battle fought there on 16 June 1815, between Wellington’s Anglo-Dutch army and Ney’s Armee du Nord. Costing over 8,000 lives, the conclusion of the battle may have allowed the allied forces to support the Prussians at the Battle of Ligny, however the French successfully prevented Anglo-Dutch manoeuvres, with Wellington’s army forced to retreat along the Brussels road.

Quatre Bras (Black Watch at Bay) by William Barnes Wollen

Clearly, the historical significance of this farm is great, and conservation and restoration the wishes of many of those who have supported the campaign. It will be a great shame to lose this building!

For more information see: http://napoleon-monuments.eu/MONUMENTSENPERIL/Quatre-Bras_EN.htm


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