HELP! #SaveQuatreBras


One of my last posts concerned the proposed demolition of the farm house and buildings at Quatre-Bras. I just thought I would post a little update for anyone interested in trying to save this historic landmark.

“These buildings have stood for over 200 years and were supposed to have been restored. However, for whatever reason this decision has been reversed and the land is to be built on by a developer. In addition to the buildings the field directly behind them contains the war graves of many Allied and French soldiers who lost their lives in the battle. These graves may be disturbed by the proposed works which would also be a tragedy. Being lovers of history can I ask you to spare a few moments to write a letter/email to each of the three ministers listed on this web site:

Could you also pass on this message to fellow historians who you think will support this fight to save the Quatre-Bras farm house?”

Any help/support/re-blogging/re-tweeting would be much appreciated. You can also join in the discussion on twitter (#SaveQuatreBras)

Thank you.


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