Versatile Blogger Award


I am honoured to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Josh Provan who runs the fantastic site Adventures in Historyland. I would like to say a huge thanks to Josh for nominating me – I don’t blog very often but am chuffed to think that those who read my blog do enjoy the little tidbits that I post. As the rule of the VBA state, I have posted a link to Josh’s blog site above. (He’s also one of my own nominations for the award!)

As the rules state, as a nominee, I also have to nominate blogs that I follow regularly and really enjoy reading. There are so many out there that I love to read through, but these are just some of my favourites:

Please take a look at these wonderful blog sites! You’ll learn something new everyday, and that’s what makes them so special!

Now, here is a list of 7 interesting (maybe!) things about me:

  1. I’ve just submitted my dissertation on British Napoleonic War Memoirs  
  2. I’m reading the Harry Potter series for the third time
  3. I tweet for @Waterloo200org and am thoroughly enjoying talking to new people with an interest in the period
  4. I am fascinated by Ancient Egypt and would love to study the topic in more depth
  5. I want to be a Napoleonic reenactor
  6. I am a member of English Heritage and am addicted to the Festival of History
  7. I really want to be an archaeologist!

Thanks again for the nomination, and if you have been nominated please pass this on!

For more info at the VBA visit:


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