Dissertation Tips


Fantastic tips for anyone writing a dissertation. Best of all…you CAN take a break every so often!


As we are all dissertation survivors, we have decided to share our tips to help you join us on the other side!


1. Break it down into sections (and break those sections down into further sections).
I found that this made it all seem a lot more manageable, and you can tick off the sections as you go. Some of my sub-sections represented about 100-200 words, so I was able to tick off quite a few in a writing session. It might not be a massive achievement at the time, but it helped me to feel like I was getting through it.

2. Know when to stop reading.
This is an important part of information literacy – recognising when you have gathered enough information. A Masters dissertation is not a PhD thesis, so you don’t need to read everything that has ever been written on that topic. I…

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