Waterloo 200 Website


The new Waterloo200 website launched last week – and if I do say so myself (I may be a little biased!) – it really is fantastic!


All of the articles and resources have been transferred over from our old website, but with a shiny new look and easier navigation, the new website looks, and feels, fresh and exciting.

Last week also saw the launch of our “200 Objects of Waterloo” (http://www.nam.ac.uk/waterloo200/200-objects/) – a collection of 200 items, brought together from museums and private collections across the country – that commemorate the history of Waterloo and the Napoleonic Wars.

Items include Wellington’s boots, Napoleon’s cloak, paintings, musket balls and much more!

A-pair-of-Wellington-boots-220x170 British-infantry-coatee-officers-220x170 Surgical-instrument-set-220x170

I’m extremely proud of the time and effort put into this website by all of our volunteers – and what a website it is!

Why not take a look for yourself?


Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @waterloo200org or on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Waterloo200org

#Waterloo1815 #W200Items #Waterloo200


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