Heya! I’m Gemma Bagshaw from Leeds.

A history enthusiast who studied at the University of Leeds and now works in insurance. Starting off in primary school with a great love for the history of Ancient Egypt (that just won’t leave me!) I’ve since broadened out and found a fascination for the Napoleonic Wars. Purely a coincidence that Napoleon fought in Egypt, I promise!

During my BA degree I was awarded the ‘Undergraduate research and leadership scholarship’ that enabled me to work with Dr Kevin Linch on his project focusing on Soldiers and Soldiering 1750-1815.

I developed a wikipedia page on the life of a typical 18th century British soldier and have given talks at conferences and history events about the life to a redcoat.

I’ve also worked closely with Waterloo200 as their social media assistant for nigh on 4 years now. I developed, manage and maintain their social media accounts. You can find us on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/waterloo200/) and twitter (@Waterloo200org)!

This blog follows my interests – mainly focused on my work with Waterloo200 and my biggest love, reenactment. I am a member of His Majesty’s 33rd Regiment of Foot – the best bunch of people you could wish to meet!

You can also follow me on twitter – @GemmaHist


5 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Adam! No worries – it really is a fantastic blog. I used it extensively for my research this summer; thank you for being so helpful ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you like the wikipedia article I created…!

      • HI Gemma, your Wikipedia page is really good and I glad to find the blog useful. I did wonder why it was getting so many hits! I’m also quite pleased you got a picture of my Napoleonic Group as your header!

    • Hey there ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you very much! Yes, it’s a fascinating story, I hope to put more up over this summer as I do more research! Hope you enjoy and cheers for reading. Gem

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