Duke of Wellington tour 2014!


A fantastic looking tour, visiting the places connected to Arthur Wellesley, is now taking bookings. Including trips to Apsley House, Wellington Arch, the Tower of London, and Walmer Castle amongst other guided tours, accommodation and meals, for the amazing price of £1615, this looks set to be the ultimate tour for anyone with an interest in British history, or Wellington admirer!

For more information visit the tour website at http://wellingtontour.blogspot.co.uk/

Or you can get in touch with Kristine Hughes and Victoria Hinshaw at london20@aol.com

Kristine can also be contacted through her blog (http://onelondonone.blogspot.co.uk/) or on twitter @NumberOneLondon


Waterloo 199!


The anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo is fast approaching. This time next week will be the 18th June, exactly 199 years since the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

After a few requests on twitter (and a lot of umming and aahing!) I’ve decided to try “live tweeting” from our @waterloo200org twitter account. The events of the day shall be tweeted in real time, enabling other users to keep up-to-date with the progress of the battle, as it happened on the day.

Cross fingers all goes well with this trial run, as improvements, alterations and additional tweets shall be added ready for the big one in 2015!

If you want to get in touch (and let me know of any mistakes you’ve spotted or improvements that need making) please do tweet us @waterloo200org or use our dedicated hashtag #waterloo200org.

You can also get in touch with me personally @GemmaHist!

Let’s do it! 🙂

Death Comes to Pemberley


You may have seen over Christmas the BBC adaptation of P.D.James’ ‘Death Comes to Pemberley’. 

A fantastic series that saw Darcy and Elizabeth happily married, Wickham charged for murder, and a strange woman hissing in the woods!

Even more exciting, however, were the cast who appeared in the final episode of the series. The redcoated soldiers who guarded the prisoners and marched Wickham to the gallows (along with a display of arms drill!)

YES! The 33rd were on screen! The lads could be seen guarding the court, drilling in the yard and, at one point, could be heard playing the fife and drum. (I have to admit…I screamed every time I saw (or heard) a redcoat!)

Keep an eye out for the 33rd if you watch the series. They made it for me!

Simon and Richard marching Wickham to the gallows!

Simon and Richard marching Wickham to the gallows!

Dissertation Tips


Fantastic tips for anyone writing a dissertation. Best of all…you CAN take a break every so often!


As we are all dissertation survivors, we have decided to share our tips to help you join us on the other side!


1. Break it down into sections (and break those sections down into further sections).
I found that this made it all seem a lot more manageable, and you can tick off the sections as you go. Some of my sub-sections represented about 100-200 words, so I was able to tick off quite a few in a writing session. It might not be a massive achievement at the time, but it helped me to feel like I was getting through it.

2. Know when to stop reading.
This is an important part of information literacy – recognising when you have gathered enough information. A Masters dissertation is not a PhD thesis, so you don’t need to read everything that has ever been written on that topic. I…

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