Flags at Waterloo


A big discussion taking place on the Waterloo200 Facebook page this week, has been the question over which flags should be flown at Waterloo in 2015.

We have had many fantastic responses, and much debate over the issue:

“I take it you mean the flag of a country? If so, I think it would be rather impossible to just have one: chances are that ‘on the big day’ there will be an array of flagpoles flying the colours of every nation involved – which of course will mean alot of flags”

“Eu Flag ….. most were represented there!”

“I think there are two possible solutions. One would be to take the 2015 situation and use modern representative flags of nations who were at Waterloo; Great Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany. The other way would be to use the 1815 flags of nations present, i.e. Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Hanover, Brunswick and Prussia.”

If you want to learn more about the issue, please take a look at http://www.waterloo200.org/flags-at-waterloo-1815-2015/

And please contact us if you have any suggestions of your own at http://www.waterloo200.org/contact/

We really want to hear from you!!


So when did Modern Europe begin?


The guys and I on twitter are in the middle of an extremely interesting discussion concerning the birth of Modern Europe. When I asked the question ‘what date marks the break and birth of Modern European History?’ I hadn’t realised the number of responses I would receive. And the number of questions it would bring up for me! (Fantastic discussion guys, let’s keep this going)… Continue reading

The First POW Camp


Norman Cross POW Camp

I’m not normally a fan of ‘Time Team’ but when I saw the ‘Death and Dominoes: The First POW Camp’ episode I just had to watch!

Aired on 3 October 2010, the Time Team gang visited Norman Cross in Cambridgeshire, which was the world’s first purpose built prisoner of war camp. And when was this camp built? In 1797, during the Napoleonic Wars. Continue reading