UGRE 2013


UGRE 2013 has come and gone. Yet again, it was a fantastic day of research presentations, posters and panels from Leeds’ amazing undergrads. For this UGRE I created a poster about my research Britons at war: Camp life and campaign! 

Created to engage with the general public I hope this poster reveals my passion and love for all things redcoat. And hopefully you can learn something about camp life too!

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EXPO12 – Arts admin and curating


Last week saw EXPO12 return! The Arts and PVAC careers showcase, organised by the fantastic Tess Hornsby-Smith, arrived at Leeds Uni to help all of us undergrads who are starting to think about finding that dream job.

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Napoleon – man or monster?


So, it’s finally the end of the year and during all the stress of revising and exams, students at Leeds Uni have to pick their modules for next year. Special subject and optional modules have to be picked and the dissertation thought about throughout the summer to be started on in the first term.

And Leeds Uni did me proud by providing two of the best subjects a Napoleonic Wars buff could ever want – special subject: Georgians at War (covering the Seven Year’s War to the Napoleonic Wars) and optional modules: Napoleon – Image, Myth and History. Fantastic!  Continue reading