UGRE 2013


UGRE 2013 has come and gone. Yet again, it was a fantastic day of research presentations, posters and panels from Leeds’ amazing undergrads. For this UGRE I created a poster about my research Britons at war: Camp life and campaign! 

Created to engage with the general public I hope this poster reveals my passion and love for all things redcoat. And hopefully you can learn something about camp life too!

For more information about UGRE visit:


33rd Foot


33rd Foot at Waterloo June 2009. A fantastic video showing just what it was like to be a Redcoat soldier in during the 18th/early 19th centuries. The fife and drums are played magnificently, and the attention to detail surely makes this re-enactment group one of the best out there. Bring on the trip to the 33rd archives (cross all fingers!)

Waterloo family research!


Hey guys,

Waterloo200 is looking for anyone who may have any stories or any connections to a family member or veteran of the Napoleonic War Conflict and in particular the Battle of Waterloo. If you know anyone who would like to tell us about their story, please feel free to contact us at

Also, in commemoration of the upcoming bi-centenary of the Battle of Waterloo in 2015, an e-petition has been set up in an attempt to mark the occasion with a bank holiday. If you would like to sign the petition then please take a minute to look at and add your name to the list.

A commemoration is what we are hoping for – a pan-European remembrance of all those who fought, died and were caught up in the Napoleonic Wars and Waterloo! Let’s hope that this is what we can achieve.

Thanks for your continued support!