The Volunteer: A Poem


Another poem found in the wonderful Special Collections! This one entitled ‘The Volunteer: A Poem’ and written by William Pickering in 1797.

William Pickering was born in Leeds, and ‘acquired an extensive knowledge of the languages’. He died in 1807, at the age of 32. His poem notes the experience of Volunteers from the Norman Conquest to the present day when France’s ‘ancient worth’ has been so destroyed by the ‘Conqueror’ – although when writing in 1797, I am not so sure that it is Napoleon that he has in mind!  Continue reading


Undergraduate Research Experience 2012


March has been an exhilarating and inspiring month. Spring has not only sprung, but the world of research came to life at the University of Leeds’ UGRE 2012 extravaganza! A showcase of the research, artwork and exploration that makes the Faculty of Arts the success it is. Continue reading