Battle of the Nations 2015


My journey on the Road to Waterloo is well on its way. And I am beyond excited.

Confirmation has come through and I am attending the Waterloo re-enactment. The planning has begun, ferries booked, cars sorted and a fantastic trip planned with the 33rd Foot.

But before Waterloo2015 begins, we have some amazing events planned for the run-up. It seems like ages since my last event with the 33rd…and I’m getting ridiculously excited for the first proper camping event I’ll be off to this year. And that event is….



Battle of the Nations 2015. Held in the gorgeous grounds of Wollaton Hall, with drills, demonstrations, battles and, of course, living history camps, this looks set to be a fantastic event for all.

I need to get some new kit sewn. A new shift is definitely needed and a slightly larger skirt. But my beautiful cutlery set, made for me by my lovely friend, Mike @stockotrader, will be making it’s first appearance!


If you fancy seeing what re-enactment and Waterloo is all about, make sure you keep the May bank holiday free and come and see us.

Don’t forget to say hi to the 33rd!


Commitment to the restoration of Waterloo…


It was fantastic to see George Osborne’s commitment to the restoration of the Waterloo battlefield in time for 2015. The pledge was made in his “Spending Round 2013” statement to Parliament in which Osborne stated:

“And while we’re at it, we’ll make sure the site of the Battle of Waterloo is restored in time for the 200th anniversary, to commemorate those who died there and to celebrate a great victory of coalition forces over a discredited former regime that had impoverished millions.” Continue reading

Call for books on Waterloo!


We are planning to post a list of Waterloo-related books on the Waterloo 200 website and would welcome any suggestions, both general and specialist. We need the author, title, publisher, date of publication and ISBN number if relevant. (The books do not need to be in print and preferably written in English).

Send your suggestions, accompanied by a brief recommendation (no more than 50 words), to or

Flags at Waterloo


A big discussion taking place on the Waterloo200 Facebook page this week, has been the question over which flags should be flown at Waterloo in 2015.

We have had many fantastic responses, and much debate over the issue:

“I take it you mean the flag of a country? If so, I think it would be rather impossible to just have one: chances are that ‘on the big day’ there will be an array of flagpoles flying the colours of every nation involved – which of course will mean alot of flags”

“Eu Flag ….. most were represented there!”

“I think there are two possible solutions. One would be to take the 2015 situation and use modern representative flags of nations who were at Waterloo; Great Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany. The other way would be to use the 1815 flags of nations present, i.e. Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Hanover, Brunswick and Prussia.”

If you want to learn more about the issue, please take a look at

And please contact us if you have any suggestions of your own at

We really want to hear from you!!